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Seaside Beach Glass

beach found treasures for collectors, artisans
and lovers of the sea

Natural Sea Glass

and Tidal Treasures

for artisans, collectors and beachcombers

Seaside Beach Glass provides sea glass jewelers, crafters, and collectors with genuine beach glass and other unique coastal treasures. Artisans from all over the world use our sea glass to create jewelry, mosaics, crafts, chimes, picture frames, lamps, and other fine art.


We comb the Atlantic shores of Nova Scotia in all sorts of weather to hunt for treasures that we can share with our fellow sea glass enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy these one-of-a-kind sea gems—including milk glass, beach pottery, sea marbles, an incredible collection of rare jewelry quality sea glass— as much as we enjoy collecting them for you.

Browse our Ebay listings at picturelady56.  You’re certain to discover something irresistible!

Cabot Trail
Washed Ashore
Sea Pottery
Got Milk Glass
Pastel Beauties
Sea Marbles
Campfire Glass
Conch Shell
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Some of our sea glass treasures

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What We Sell

Jewelry Quality Sea Glass

Jewelry Quality Sea Glass

Jewelry quality sea glass is as close to being perfect as Mother Nature allows. Polished only by the ebb and flow of the oceans’ tides, these frosted sea gems are our premium offerings. Whether you bezel, drill, or wire wrap, our jewelry quality beach glass will enhance your creative designs.

Beach Pottery

Some of our favorite beachcombing finds are ceramic and beach pottery fragments with intricate designs and patterns. Most of the blue and white pieces of sea pottery are of Asian descent, while some of the English pieces depict British Royalty. Some shards can be identified by the trademarks imprinted on the bottom, which are interesting designs themselves.

Sea Marbles.jpg

Sea Marbles and Collectibles

On rare occasions we have found bottle stoppers, bits of car tail lights from the 1940s, glass buttons and beads, sea marbles, art glass, flash glass, pieces of insulators, bottlenecks, kick-ups, UV or vaseline glass, and bonfire glass (also called campfire and slag glass). Our tiny Mermaid Tears can be put in vials to wear as pendants, or you can put them in jars to nestle on your windowsill as pretty sun catchers.

Coastal Treasures

We often come across oddities on the beaches that are not classified as sea glass. Some of our unique finds are beach pottery, utensils, old spark plugs (some are even pink), dice, dominoes, poker chips, aluminum and steel boat hardware, colorful stones and shells, sand dollars, pieces of brick from lobster traps, ceramic jug stoppers, mug handles, bits of ancient clay pipes, porcelain figurines and doll parts, coins corroded by the salt water, and we’ve even found several rings.  Imagine all of the artful projects you can create.

Coastal Treasures_edited.jpg
Drilled & Bulk.jpg

Drilled and Bulk Beach Glass

We sell jewelry quality bulk and drilled sea glass for all of your craft and jewelry creations. We can also customize an assortment of beach glass to fit your needs.

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About Sea Glass

Sea glass (also called beach glass and mermaid’s tears) finds its way to the ocean in many fascinating ways. Some of the glass comes from old bottle factories, ship wrecks, oceanside industries, rivers that flow into the sea, and passing ships. Some comes from artisan’s glass studios. In generations past, refuse was bulldozed over cliffs into the sea and some of that was colored glass.


Some colors are rarer than others, and thus more valuable. Red, orange, yellow, cobalt, and turquoise are especially desirable; while green, brown, and white (clear) are more common. Lavender is especially fun to find because it started out as clear glass. A chemical reaction caused from manganese that was added in the glass making process caused the glass to turn purple when exposed to sunlight.


We love combing the beaches of Nova Scotia to find our sea glass. It’s like a treasure hunt, we never know what we are going to find. The sea is in constant motion and the glass is churning with every wave. Now after decades of tumbling around in the surf, sand, and rocks, the ocean is returning it to us in the form of beautiful one-of-a-kind sea gems. Some pieces of beach glass are said to be over 100 years old and no two are ever alike. There's no telling what it once was, where its journey has taken it, or how old it is. Mystery and beauty…

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I wiped away the weeds and foam, I fetched my sea-born treasures home...     


   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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About Us

Gladys & Michelle.jpg

Gladys Marion – I grew up on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, where picking beach glass has always been a favorite pastime. For many years I have gathered sea glass from the beaches of Nova Scotia. I have had the privilege of dealing with some of the top sea glass jewelry designers in the world. I love the idea that these wonderful sea gems from our tiny little island are made into beautiful jewelry and crafts, and are being enjoyed all over the world.


Michelle Szatkowski - I have been collecting sea glass since I was a kid. I acquired some of my ocean glass during my many travels, and I have also purchased it from only the most reputable sellers. My collection of mermaid tears comes from all over the world:  Hawaii, California, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Ireland, Caribbean, Japan, and Australia. Now I mostly pick these beautiful jewels from the Atlantic shores of Nova Scotia.

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Our Photography

The Maritime Provinces (also called The Maritimes) is a region of Eastern Canada consisting of three provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.  The term means “of the sea.”  Some of the prettiest towns and fishing villages in Canada can be found in the Maritimes.  A drive along the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island boasts picturesque bays, sandy beaches, and the freshest, tastiest lobster in the world.  Here are some of our favorite pictures we've snapped along the way.

Fishing Boat
Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Wood Islands Lighthouse, PEI.JPG
Nova Scotia Countryside
Three Row Boats
Nova Scotia Barn
Moose On The Cabot Trail
Boutique Shop
Wooden Trap
Wood Islands Lobster Traps, PEI.JPG
Cape Breton Lighthouse
Mustard Field, PEI
Lobster Trap Buoys
Halifax Harbor
Folk Art, Cabot Trail
Fishing Buoys
Cape Breton Scenic Overlook
Lupins Of Nova Scotia
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Where can I purchase some of your ocean gems?

We sell our treasures from the sea on Ebay at picturelady56.  We also take special requests at

What are the sources of your sea glass?

We collect all of our sea glass from the Atlantic shores of Nova Scotia.

Do you alter your sea glass in any way?

Absolutely not! All of our beach glass is guaranteed to be polished by the sea from years and years of tumbling around in the surf and sand. Our gems are natural sea glass, never manually tumbled or chemically treated.

What does Jewelry Quality mean?

The vast majority of our sea glass is smooth and frosty and ready for your creations. Occasionally some pieces may have minor nicks or chips. We try to describe our beach glass to the best of our ability and show any flaws in the pictures.

Do you sell both wholesale and retail?

Yes. We sell jewelry quality bulk sea glass (drilled or undrilled). Check with us for volume discounts. If you would like to have a standing order with us, we can customize one to fit your needs. We will ship your sea gems to you at regular intervals so you will always have a steady supply. There is a minimum of $100 order which includes free shipping in the U.S.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship via USPS within 1-2 days of cleared payment. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.  We also combine shipping.  If you are bidding on multiple items, please pay for them all at once after you are finished bidding to get the discount.  International buyers please request a shipping quote BEFORE purchasing.

What is the Seaside Beach Glass return policy?

We want you to be delighted with your purchase! If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us. We graciously accept returns for full credit or exchange within 14 days of the confirmed delivery date. Items must be returned in their original condition and customers will be responsible for return shipping.

Do you accept special requests and custom orders?

Yes. If there is something you would like but you don’t see listed, just ask. We may have it somewhere in our vast collection. We have much more beach glass and other ocean gems than are listed on Ebay. Please contact us with your request and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

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Your privacy is important to us at Seaside Beach Glass. E-mail addresses will not be sold, rented or leased to 3rd parties. We will use email addresses collected for direct communication from us regarding your order. E-News may be sent to you occasionally to inform you of new products and specials. You will be able to opt-out of such communications at any time.

What​ types of payments do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal, money orders, and personal checks.

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